Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Design the King of Light XC Fork World?

I never quite understood Larry's love affair with his old AMP fork. I suppose there was a definite cool factor to it's quirky, unorthodox design. But, if I were a betting man, I'd guess that the overriding quality that warranted it's mythic status in his mind had a lot to do with weight. He is Lightness Larry, after all. Well, there's good news for fans of light, quirky, unorthodox suspensions forks and it comes out of the isolated island country of Iceland.

Lauf forks has come up with a radical new design that shaves a whole pound off of the weight of a typical xc suspension fork. If turning heads is your aim, you could hardly do better than the Lauf. If actually using your fork to smooth out big hits is what you're after, the meagre 60mm of travel may leave you wanting. Reviews I've read are mixed, as it seems that lateral flex is an issue. I guess it's a little premature to hand over the oddball suspension fork crown over to the newbie...


  1. While it was about lightness originally, AMP sold me on performance. The tracking back in the 90's was way better than Marzocchi's, the gold standard for lateral stiffness at the time. But it also tracked forward under compression rather than backward, if you look at the way it works, you'll see it too, and you can feel it while riding. I'll admit having a sub-19 lb hard tail in 1995 was cool, but the performance kept me. So much that I have built what is likely the only 29er AMP fork, a custom one-off. Ti legs, too - pretty light.

  2. I also don't see how that one works - do those rods bend and give some flex? That would be like running suspension without damping - like a car using leaf springs and no shocks. You'd be bouncing like Tigger down the garden path. At least AMPs had oil damping. And the weight - my carbon F3's were 2.1 lbs - very close to this fork, yet actually functioned like a fork.

    1. No damping that I can see.

      sub-19lbs in '95? That would have been awesome - and should have won you a few races! I'm still dreaming of owning a sub 25lb mountain bike nearly twenty years later!


    This might actually function like a suspension forks.

    Chris, your dedication to blogging is outstanding.