Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mountain Biking Paradise...?

The words jumped off the page of the pamphlet at the Turtle Mountain Provincial Park office; "The park is a paradise for mountain bikers looking for long rides." Hmmmm...paradise, eh? Forgive me for having been just a little skeptical. Well boy, was I ever wrong. Sort of. No, the mountain biking is about as terrible as can be, unless  25 foot wide "trails" with 6 inch long grass is your idea of paradise. BUT, the diamond in the rough out at Turtle Mountain is the gravel road loop formed by combining the Oskar Lake, south boundary, Sharpe Lake and west main roads. As far as gravel roads go, this is one of the best ones I've ever ridden. The surface is well packed, the road was closed to traffic and the route is continually winding with loads of climbing.
The road just as it enters the park, near the Koinoia Camp.

Not technically in the park, but on the gravel road I took from the Adam Lake Campground.

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