Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sandilands PreRace Report

Hey! Who's planning to make the trip out to Sandilands for this weekénd's MTB Cup Race??? Tons of work has gone into getting the 7k race course in top shape. Over 30 volunteers showed up on the trail work day and their efforts will be well worth sampling on Sunday. The local KOM crew, numbering around 30 kids, had their Tuesday evening session out at the hill and both the kids and adult courses are in great shape. The added bonus is that all the rain falling will nicely pack the few sandy sections so the course should be perfect come Sunday.

Don't forget, registration closes in 6 hours (Thursday, May 30th, Midnight)


  1. can't make this weekend unfortunately... Kids' recitals. Can't miss that! Hope all goes awesome!

  2. Race report? I heard you had a pretty good performance, Duece.

  3. A race report would be good. But it belongs on the DRR site. That is how we roll now.