Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween at the Camp Reminder

Costumes everywhere
It's Halloween at the Camp
Watch out for that log

Online registration for Halloween at the Camp closes tomorrow at midnight. Chances are probably good you'll be at a party when as deadline approaches, so don't forget—do it now!

Unsure of the weather? Unlike last year, we will have full access to Camp Assiniboia's main hall. All racers and spectators will be able to keep warm while still watching from the hall's wall of windows. The camp's canteen will also be open, offering coffee, hot chocolate, and other goodies.

AND...if you needed extra incentive, we have just turned up the entertainment value to 11. The wheels of steel will be on site with mad DJs mixin' and scratchin', scratchin' and mixin' to keep you body movin'. Manitoba's voice of cyclocross, Steve S, will also be on-hand, calling the races and possibly telling scary ghost stories.

AND...there will be prizes.


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