Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bonjour, Paris!

Roughly a year ago there was this little surprise. It took me a good long while to figure out what to do, but after careful consideration I came to the conclusion: with such an awesome wife I could possibly negotiate a trip to Colorado should a "guys trip" present itself, and having already extensively travelled through Asia, I should add another continent to my travel list. Europe it is, but where should I go to find the best cycling has to offer? Italy? Spain? France?

In the end, after talking to several sources who have experienced all that France has to offer, I settled on making the classic climbs of the TdF my motivation for training through the winter and spring. And if I played my cards right, I could sneak in witnessing a live TdF stage or two. 

Well, today, I'm lounging in the apartment I rented with Larry located in the heart of Paris. The next couple weeks have a lot in store. There's going to be some sight-seeing, lots of riding, and probably a healthy helping of cheese, baguettes, and wine (okay, that's already become a reality). A third week in Spain with my wife will probably not be detailed here.

Check back later for more as this trip unfolds. For now, here are a few photos from a brief exploration, all within a 10 minute walk of our apartment.

the the one in Winnipeg, but wider
some old art museum people were making a big deal of
nobody's going to steal this bridge
Larry's new favourite store
one of our neighbourhood streets


  1. You can pick your nose in Winnipeg, too.

  2. awesome.
    soak it up!

    I'm curious how the both of you will do up the big climbs. Of course, the spanish one will have a little pharma help...

    have a great trip kk.

  3. Hey KK,

    This is the fallafel place I was telling you about, about as good as it gets for street food.

    L'As du Fallafel
    34 rue des Rosiers
    75004 Paris
    Neighbourhoods: Marais, 4ème

  4. Hal, you are clearly stuck in a rut.

  5. Have fun guys. Good times with wine, bikes, and bread sound pretty ok. Keep the updates coming.