Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm More Out of Shape Than Ever

"I'm more out of shape than ever." That's a direct quote from this year's winner of Brad's gravel grinder. Upon hearing that, most of us thought, "bullshit", and the way it ended we were right. But at an event like this, everyone's a winner--good cycling, good camaraderie, good chips (even if only lightly salted).

Thanks Brad for putting on and hosting another great event, and to Mike for helping Brad with preparations. I'm already looking forward to next year.




  1. Good times. Thanks for coming, everybody.

  2. No Brad...Great times.

    Lightly salted. I'm still confused.

  3. When I got home last night I was apparently more tipsy on my bike than I thought. My daughter was playing in the backyard with a friend and I figured I'd pull a wheelie off the driveway... It went wrong. Apparently my legs had Beer muscles... the bike flew out and I landed on my ass amidst the snickers... whoop!

  4. Nice!

    As a parent, it's our job to embarrass our kids. I think it usually means we care and are doing our job. This would not be one of those cases.

  5. Hey! I'm in terrible shape too! Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Brad, KK, Mike and everyone who put on this great event...thank you. I had a great time.

    As you could tell by me not going home when I was supposed to, I loved the post race activities as well. From the bearded podium girl, to the lightly salted chips, to the recycled beer glass full of delicious brew...thank you, it was all fantastic.