Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Ten of 2011

After reading The Cycle Chic's top ten list, I was inspired to write my own. So, with apologies to Andrea for ripping off her format, here it is.

Top Ride
November trip to Coach Bill's cottage in Pinawa. Riding trails in November after a busy cx season was a gas. And Bill made pancakes.

Top Bike
My Crosscheck. I was unfaithful during cross season, seduced by one lighter, sexier and cooler who promised Truelove. But like many such flings, it didn't work out so well. So I am back with my first love. With a new lighter fork and a brake upgrade, it is sweeter than ever. And I will never be unfaithful again.

Top Badass
Dallas Sigurdur. No explanation required.

Top Douchebag
Pretty much everyone who drives an Escalade. I ride all the time and thankfully dangerous episodes with vehicles are a rarity for me. But almost every time there was an incident this year, it was with some dumb ass driving an Escalade. If you own one and aren't a douchebag, maybe you should think about getting a different showy pretentious car.

Top Local Race
In a year of great events this took some thought, but I have to pick the New Year's Eve cx throwdown. I didn't have to do any work to make it happen, riding for fun with friends was a great way to close out a great year, and I beat The Awesome One. That won't likely ever happen again.

Top Playlist
Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan. It is my favorite Christmas album. And she's dreamy; She can skate away on my river anytime.

Top Gym
My basement. It's a bit grubby, my old steel plates are rusty, I have black plumbing pipe in the floor joists for pullups and a home made wooden squat rack. Very old school Rocky. And you can't beat the commute.

Top Male Rider
Me. I had my own summer and I won the Butter Belt. Duh. Philippe Gilbert was a distant second.

Top Female Rider
Katie Compton. Apparently she's been winning a lot. And cross is boss.

Top Bike Shop
There are only two shops on my short list for this: Bikes and Beyond and Olympia on Portage. I like both stores; Good staff, good selection and they both are comfortable places for me to hang out and visit. So it's a tie.

Special Bonus Category, Best Group Ride
Everybody knows there is only one place to be Tuesday nights. A TNR is always the highlight of my week.


  1. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – so to have inspired The One who beat The Awesome One is very, very flattering indeed.

  2. Sarah M. eh? Wouldn't have pictured it. Thought you were more of a Nickleback fan...

  3. Replies
    1. That is the meanest thing I have ever heard come out of your brain, JP. Shame. Master Brad, you have taught me much. I respectfully apologize on behalf of everybody my age for their lack of respect.