Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Race Videos

For this past weekend's Halloween cross race, Tom K of The Training Coop, set up numerous GoPro cameras at strategic points around the course. Edits have been made so you can now view many hours of footage in a number of smaller clips—just click here to enjoy.

Thanks, Tom.


  1. You're welcome KK. It was great fun all around and a visual playground for an wannabe videographer.

    Spectacular crash and recovery dude!

  2. Good costume by the way. My 3 year old daughter watched the video and said "She flipped right over!"

  3. On the other hand, Graham, you look more masculine, but less ninja-like.

    I like the way you rubbed Chris out on the whoops. Apparently Johnny S did, too.

  4. Made my day. Graham, you rule, KK was quite stealth, but hilarious on that one, Hal, sorry bud.