Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween at the CAMP Report

As an organizer, you've got to love it when it all comes together. The weather cooperated to give us a frightfully pleasant day for racing, and the new venue at Camp Assiniboia provided some fun-riding and entertaining elements for a course that had a bit of everything.

All in, we had 93 racers of all ages come out to enjoy the day—the majority getting into the spirit of the day, donning full costume. There were certainly a few memorable get-ups, some for all the wrong reasons. The added presence of the mythical beer hand-up also added to the experience, for those lucky enough to partake.

Putting together a cyclocross course is always a labour of love, so we need to thank all those who stepped up to lend a hand; we couldn't do it without you. Special thanks go out to Chris, Jonny G, Terry, Coach Bill, Lyle, Major Tom, and Monica for the hours invested. Another special nod goes to Anita, Gary, and Colin the Commissaire who's been a key component to the cross season—one we couldn't do without. One final note of appreciation goes to Olympia Cycle on Portage for their help with prizing.

The race results have been tabulated and can be found here.

Photos are being dumped all around the web. Here are a few links, in case you've missed a few of them:
Mark Reimer
Stefan Isfeld
Woodcock pics video
Karlee Gendron

Thanks again to all who made it out and for making it the best Halloween cyclocross race ever!


PS—Two last pieces of business...

First, the people listed below should seek out their own podium moment with Brad, the handsome devil of SOB fame shown here, at this upcoming weekend's Provincial Cyclocross Championships in St. Malo. (list updated/corrected at 20:47)
  • David Hamm
  • Greg Mickelson
  • Ryan Dumont
  • Phil Tripp
  • Dave Bell
  • Melanie Leclerc
  • John Heim
Second, if this is your glove and you want it back, offer Brad a beer in trade at the Provincial Cyclocross Championships in St. Malo.

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