Monday, October 24, 2011


at the Harbour CAMP.

It's back again this year. Same good times, but at a new and improved venue, namely Camp Assiniboia. With the MBCX Cup series behind us, it appropriate to have a fun race before putting in all on the line in the season finale, the CX Provincials.

Favourite items from last year's Halloween race will make their return, such as the whoop-dees and pumpkin barriers. If you have what it takes, we're looking willing individuals to be human rolling barriers...thus far no one has stepped up.

If rolling around on the ground with guys like big Dave P. running at you isn't your thing, but you still want to give us a hand, the RRR crew and friends will be setting up the course at Camp Assiniboia on Saturday the 29th. Your help is appreciated. You can let us know if you're interested by shooting us an email.

More race details and registration/waiver forms will be posted shortly (we promise)!


  1. Awesome! Almost as awesome as your new logo.

  2. It just struck me that I am not sure whether the season passes we bought are good for this race?

    Chick - your absence at the last 2 races is more than unacceptable. Mostly because as soon a race is over I go home and click refresh on everybody's blogs for the next 2 days to see whether I get a mention or a pic any where.

  3. Thanks for noticing my absence. I noticed it too and find it equally unacceptable. I've been sick as hell and too depressed to come watch other people race. I hope to come out on Sunday for the Halloween race. If I do, I promise my post will include you – hopefully NOT doing a spectacular wipeout!!