Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween at the CAMP

For more details of Sunday's Halloween race, please check out the link found in the right-hand margin...yep, that's it. The pumpkin over there ...click on it.

Again, please note there's a change in venue from what's been on the MCA calendar. No longer will the race be at Harbour View; it will take place at Camp Assiniboia (hence the variation in the race name—we're a creative bunch).


  1. Can I put in a request for beer hand ups? Someone has to run a race in this province that includes the mythical beer hand-up which I have only heard and read about and never experienced. You guys are my last chance this year... :-)

  2. I saw a beer handful on Sunday. It was awesome.

    Will there be mud? Not really interested in dry cleaning my costume. Will if necessary.

  3. With the recent moisture I can't be 100% certain, but I don't anticipate there being any serious mud.

    I do, however, reserve the right to add mud if we come across something inspiring while setting up.

    Beer hand-ups are a function of having the right friends at the right places in Manitoba.

  4. The problem with the C race is that everyone watching still has to race and no one is drinking yet. :(
    I hope it was you KK that got a beer hand-up at Whittier. You deserved it.

    Oh and this is a cool article and inspired me to request a beer hand up for Halloween race: