Monday, September 12, 2011

Looking Back—St. Alolphe MudFest

One race down...whew, that was hard.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to MudFest when I woke up on Sunday morning. Apart from riding with the Wolseley Wheels Kids of Mud club early in the season, there’s been little else in the way of 2-wheeled activity in my life this summer, and the thought of 60 minutes at “full-intensity” in summer-like heat wasn’t something I was feeling too keen on. No, I haven’t been doing my homework which meant I was going to suffer, and suffer bad. But there’s something freeing about having very little in the way of expectations. Convinced that I’d somehow have fun if I could keep my waffle breakfast down, I dragged my sorry butt and my family out to St. Adolphe.

Things pretty much played out as I had anticipated. I finished near the back, but after trading positions with a couple racers, who I was pleasantly surprised to be with, I can’t complain too much. And I didn't feel as crappy as I thought I would. The good news is there's only room for improvement, and given the fun had, I’ve found a little some motivation to squeeze in a bit more saddle time to hopefully improve my lot in the races to come.

Brad pretty much proved the Summer of Brad is going to drag on well into cross season. Despite a wheel change, he spent a significant part of the race near the front, giving the B (cat 3/4) field this view:

photo courtesy of  Stefan Isfeld

Duece also represented in the cat 3/4 race in what was, I believe, his second cross race and his first on his new cross bike. I’m looking forward to seeing him turn it up to 11 at DarkCross on Saturday. He said he wouldn’t miss it.

IMG_5160photo courtesy of TOS

You shouldn’t miss DarkCross, either. It’s going to be a high-octane party everyone will be talking about for weeks to come, and you’ll feel silly for missing it. Beer gardens, live entertainment, and racing at night at a speedway? Wow…and don’t forget $1,500 in prizing to be shared among the top 10 finishes in the A (cat 1/2), B (cat 3/4) and C (cat 4/5) races! Be sure to check out all the details at

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