Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is It Me, Or Is It Getting Darker Out There?

Two words: DarkCross. OK...I guess that's just one word, but it's coming in just two days.

We've been working hard behind the scenes with the FGBC and the Winnipeg Cycle Chick to plan something never seen before in these parts. Even though we know what's going down, we're eagerly anticipating the event like a bunch of sheltered grade 8 boys going to watch Hot Dog... The Movie at a friend's place when the parents are away.

What you need to know:
  • it's at the Red River Coop Speedway, about 8 kms south of the city on Hwy 75.
  • there's a beer garden & concessions
  • live music with the Farrell Brothers (What? Pearl Jam's in town? Bah...)
  • $1,500 in cash prizes
  • it will be dark, but you won't need bike lights
  • there's a beer garden

There will also be a limited number of t-shirts and cowbells available for sale— first come, first served. $10 to make some noise; $20 to look good doing it.

Registration and waiver
—I did you the favour of combining both forms into one quick-and-easy download. You can thank me later. I'll be drinking Rickard's Dark, but will gratefully accept whatever you're drinking.

If you don't want to buy me a beer, that's cool. Just be there—this won't be one to miss as it carries the SOB's fastidious stamp of approval! Missing it would be geese.

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