Saturday, July 30, 2011

Riding with the Mennonites in Tights

Today I took part in my 3rd Saturday morning ride with the local Mennonites in Tights club. As usual, it was a great time. Great company, and beautiful sunshine with a huge tailwind to finish off the ride. A great finish to what started out as a tough slog... Here's what not to do when the group your riding with is getting ready to roll.

Prior to leaving the water tower meeting point, one of the guys snapped a seat binder and so off he and Pat went to Body Driven to see if there was a spare. The rest of the riders then decided to meet them at the shop and so I thought I had a minute or two to spare to get something from home, which was only 2 houses off the route. Well, I was wrong. Upon reaching the deserted bike shop I realized that the group had gone on and as I gazed down Main Street I couldn't see them at all. Uh oh, panic started to set in as I realized that a solo rider heading into a strong West wind didn't stand much of a chance of catching a group of 11 riders. I was right. I did my own personal time trial and managed to get them within eyesight about 1km up the road, but that's how the gap stayed, them comfortably drafting into the breeze, me dangling agonizingly out of earshot. My chase lasted a full 20k's from Steinbach to a quonset hut in Kleefeld where they stopped to assess the weather. I've never been very good at taking hints, I guess they'll have to be a little less subtle about letting me know they don't want me on their rides... ;-)

The tough start paid off with the awesome feeling of riding with the wind on the way home and getting in a pace line that managed to maintain 48km/hr and at one point was doing 53km/hr. That is a great feeling. And so ended another great ride with the MIT boys.


  1. Ouch - that brings back memories of Muddy Waters, getting dropped at the sharp right after the Bridge to Nowhere, and trying for miles and miles to catch back on, in vain. Nice description, Duece - hope the ride was good anyway.

    I got out in that wind yesterday afternoon as well - I think I averaged about 15mph going out west, and closer to 30 on the return. But my ride was significantly shorter than yours.

  2. Apologies for that Duece. Hans and I both heard you say that you were going home for a second shirt and then promptly forgot about you. But don't feel special. Mark and Merle have both received the same treatment recently. Merle made the unwise decision to go home for water bottles and by the time he returned the peloton was about 5K east toward La Broquerie. Mark suffered the fate of being about 3 minutes too late and had to chase us halfway back home to Landmark! It's definetly a "no look'n back" ride - regardless of newbie or veteran.

    I resonate with Lars. A few years ago I hung with the peloton for 85K at the Muddy Waters and then was unceremoniously dumped during a 45kph surge. Humbling.