Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Falcon Lake Cup Race Is On

Despite claims of the venue being too wet—which it isn't wasn't when I was there last weekend—the Falcon Lake race is indeed on.

Props to Paul B and Dylan H (aka the fast and the furious) for taking the initiative to make sure things get done. If you race on Sunday, be sure to say thanks. Those guys are alright.

All the details, including a course video, can be found here.

The conditions will might be be NOTHING something like this

Update @ 4:29—Post edited due to KB's comment after riding the venue on June 1.


  1. I was there yesterday, conditions are no longer what they were on the weekend unfortunately.

  2. You calling me a liar?'re calling me a liar. Still, the kids are alright.

  3. Hey, I was hoping for a dry Falcon race more than anybody. It seems as though they had an inch of rain on Tues - Wed AM. Not as bad as it was last year, but hopefully they don't get any more.

  4. anybody have room for a hitchhiker, or need a ride?

    I want to go, but driving 2 hours all alone is depressing.

    -Josh G