Saturday, May 21, 2011

Landis, Hamilton, Hincappie..................

I can't believe you guys aren't all over this. Giving Larry the weekend off?


  1. Trust Paul to come back after years away, and of course the purpose is simply to take shots at me. Fair enough.

    Actually I was going to comment myself. If the Hincapie storyline is true, that's the first time I've heard fromm someone credible (I.e. not previously implicated in doping, and ot with an ax to grind against Lance) say this. And as it stands, I'd believe George over LA - the guy has an exemplary record as an upstanding guy, and if this is true he's likely just talking because he is being asked the specific questions, and under oath. Can't fault the guy for that, and i really don't see him making things up to implicate LA.

    Sad day if all this is true...

  2. So defensive but it wasn't a shot at you, it was a shot at the rest of RRR for not doing their usual diligent job in attacking you at any hint of wrongdoing by Mr. Ashley Olsen.

  3. I didn't think Larry read this blog anymore.