Monday, April 11, 2011

RRR Spring Classic 2.0 Report

About twenty riders showed up for Brad's second annual gravel grinder throw-down. Environment Canada's forecast looked somewhat grim, calling for rain and wind. Fortunately, the rain never came.

A neutral start to Pritchard Farm Rd. kept things together, but the group began to splinter by the time Bird's Hill Park was breached. Further separation occurred on the short, snow-covered and soggy snowmobile trail exiting BHP at Melrose Rd., and later when the course pointed riders into the brisk NNW wind.

In the end, everyone made their way back to Chez Brad injury-free in time to enjoy a bit of sun as we sat around the fire, roasting smokies and draining the keg.

Thanks, Brad, for the stellar event. You out-did yourself again.

Brad laying down the rules of the race

To the winner go the spoils and bragging rights

With a 19L keg of Little Scrapper IPA, there are no losers

The lead group on Melrose Rd. at the half-way point

After impressively bridging back to the lead group,
JP out-kicked the group of six to claim the victory

good times


  1. Thanks for the good times Brad and RRR crew.

  2. Brad gets all the credit for this one. That's why it was so good...none of his awesomeness was diluted by the input of those less awesome.

  3. A classic Classic. Now it's a tradition, Brad. Nicely done.

  4. Big thanks to KK for printing the maps, and to Colin for driving the course to pick up the dead.

  5. Awesome race and hosting job Brad, KK and the RRR gang! Thanks Colin for the drive-by check-in to see how I was doing after I gutted myself trying to catch the pack after I dropped my chain early on ... great course though and good times. Nice to ride with Kevin B for a good while.

    Congrats JP on a gutsy and tactical victory!