Sunday, April 3, 2011

Classic Prelude to RRR Spring Classic 2.0

RRR demonstrated that they are clearly the most Belgian bike club around, as evidenced by the solitary vehicle in the desolate parking lot, on a day with weather befitting Flanders. The 'Niner' took her maiden voyage, as Brad wrestled with her for nearly two hours, calming, taming and eventually submitting her to a future full of Rule V.

Mike, Brad and I set out with KK's blessing, as he was recovering from a work week also full of Rule V. Much scheming was to be done as Brad mulled over the options for next weekend...will there be snowy portages...TBA....will there be long, soft, wet, undulating (not going where you think) gravel roads...ABSOLUTELY...a visit to the Grotto (not Heff's)...more than likely...and will the day end with sports beverages, the likes of which Mr. Alex Keith offered up today....AS ALWAYS!

Many miles where covered and while the legs were burning, the hands and feet, initially cold, eventually, mercifully, were numb. The face was pelted by rain and sleet, making visibility at times impossible and causing me to wonder if Brad's beard protected even his eyes as he seemed unhindered.

Most of all, rides shared with friends, on lonely, empty roads are good for the body and soul.


  1. Nice! Glad to learn Mike was out too. I'm a bit jealous of you guys. Okay...a lot.

  2. that is a fine looking ride Brad. SOB worthy for sure.