Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Featured Farrah—The Mystery of the Flippy Curls

This one brings back more childhood memories. My mom had the Schick Speed Styler. Now, I love my mom, but she never had Farrah hair despite using the same shampoo and styling tools—not even close. But she wasn't alone. Apparently other women at the time were mystified by Farrah's flippy curls (your inner voice needs to say flippy curls as Farrah does in the commercial).

Thankfully, the always-inquisitive Phil Donahue wasn't afraid to ask the tough questions and get Farrah to share her secrets. As you'll find out, her hair had natural qualities that few could understand and master as well as Farrah...God-given flippy curls.

So feel better, mom. It turns out the Schick Speed Styler wasn't all that after all, and more accurately have gone by another name two letters shorter.

Forty-one days until the Spring Ride. If you thought last year's ride at Ingolf was wet, you'd better bring your hair dryer this year. Or beard dryer, in Brad's case.

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