Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't Forget to RSVP for RRR's Spring Classic 2.0

There's plenty of talk about howepic Sunday's Spring Classic 2.0 will be, but few have actually tendered their intention to be a part of the mix. The après-ride mini-keg and dogfest is a highlight of this event, and as host The Impaler needs to know how many will be there (ie. does he buy gourmet smokies, or the no-name weiners? It depends on the numbers).

I prefer gourmet smokies myself, but I'd rather roast lesser fare while swapping stories with other dirty and tired riders.

PS - Brad's covering the dogs, but not the mini-keg. Bring a few $ to help cover the cost.


  1. in.

    Over the line Smokies.

  2. in... with my fixed gear. it's a classics race isn't it?

  3. I won't be in (bro's bday) but I'll be in for the post-
    ride bitching.

  4. Oh man. Is it too late to request permission for attendance at your very special get together?

  5. Any body looking for either another person to fill their seat or want to fill a seat in my truck? I would be pleased with either. I could even take 2 people if you don't mind the hard middle seat.