Monday, April 18, 2011

Can't Race? Might As Well Go For A Smoke

Sadly, I missed yesterday's official start to the race season in Bruxelles (darn kids). I did, however, get out for a short ride. While others were busting their ass in a race for a jar of gravel, I casually rolled to the Exchange District on a recon ride to scope out a place I may very well wind up on a semi-regular basis—with or without my TNR associates.

There's been a lot of "frites and mayo this" and "frites and mayo that" on local blog scene in recent memory, but this will really whet your whistle. I present to you Smoke's Poutinerie.

Just one look at Smoke's menu and, as Gene Simmons would say, "I forget my name". I'm already giddy with atherosclerosis. I mean, c'mon! Check out the bacon!

Smoke's website says they're opening in April, but another source suggests May is a more current ETA. I will not be getting faster this year.


  1. Nice. Between that and Five Guys, the local scene for fine cuisine seems to on the upswing. Did somebody say Burger Cat II?

  2. Yeah, I was thinking a fry cat might be in order.

  3. Great, so much for the 5 pounds I lost this winter. Thanks. Thanks a lot!

  4. Straight from the tweeter's twat:!/poutinerie/status/58154906015637504

    Everyone keeps talking about Burger Cat II, but I don't think you guys wanna do it. Unless you do, then it should be in either July or August.

    wv: ferouto