Saturday, March 26, 2011


Apparently, if you drive a pick-up truck with a license plate that says "I HUNT" you are in for action.
It's good to know the boys in blue are doing their job.
Busted for open alcohol in the vehicle- only it was cherry coke posing as beer. They got a call for open liquor and came looking.
What else is there to do on a saturday afternoon. Now it's time to open a real one.


  1. THat's Awesome! I love those scenarios.

    I got bused once for stealing a car... didn't actually do it... I was driving my parents' car... long story. But I had a ton of fun with it until they threatened me with jail time. Then I wussed out.


  2. Good fun and with pics ta boot!

    Hey, I talked a South Dakota State Trooper outta giving me a speeding ticket today with a line about "just finishing a quick pass of a car that was swerving" (kinda true) - cha ching :-)