Friday, January 7, 2011

More Jens

Fortunately for other riders, new equipment regulations prevent Jens Voigt from racing his father's bike

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anger, Rage, Fury, Breakaway...

Jens would have to be a favoured candidate to be RRR's honourary captain, if we felt we needed to have one. He's everything you want him to be, but then makes you feel foolish for not expecting more from him.

Jens Voigt once challenged Lance Armstrong to a "who has more testicles" contest. Jens won... by five.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Read Anything Good Lately?

I really like biking. I also enjoy reading. Lately I've been doing more reading than I have been biking, but at least the books I have been reading are about biking, so that's all good.

This post was inspired in part by an article on the 50 Best Cycling Books that appeared in the Dec. issue of Cycle Sport Magazine (a great mag I've subscribed to out of the UK). After reading the article, I put the number 2 book, "A Rough Ride," by Paul Kimmage, on my Christmas wish list and was pleased to have received it. This came shortly after I got "Around the World on a Bicycle", which is the story of Fred Birchmore, a 24 year old out of Athens Georgia who circled the globe with a bicycle he named Bucephelus. His trip totalled over 20,000 miles, and the crazy thing about his story is that he completed his adventure in the mid 1930's. His tale is unbelievable and the testament of a truly tough guy. (I'm pretty sure Brad was the one that stumbled on this guy's story in some obscure online cycling article - anyway, I now own the book and it's worth reading)

Here's a picture of Fred's 40lb ride, which now resides in the Smithsonian.

I guess I'm wondering how many of the books from the top 50 cycling books article would you recommend? I own "French Revolutions", number 9 on the list, and it's a laugh out loud good read. Regardless of the fact I don't really like Lance, I did enjoy reading "It's Not About the Bike". I think it helped that he had only won about 2-3 Tours at the time of reading and it was still ok to admire him at the time.