Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TNR Report, RRR Style

Some may recall the March 31, 2009 TNR as one of the best, if not the best TNRs of 2009. The combination of mild temps, minimal wind, and large snowflakes made for a Norman Rockwell atmosphere in which to ride. Last night had a very similar feel, and once again, only five riders were on hand to partake in an awesome night on two wheels. As Brad and I are the only two constants between then and now, we are hi-jacking this week’s TNR report.

After espressos and ho’cho at the alternate winter HQ, we set out westward from the Forks via the river trail which was more-or-less a long slab of ice (snow-covered except under the bridges). Both the Hipster and Thomas were only a few meters into the ride when they were abruptly reminded or the perils of riding on ice. Thomas went down especially hard, sliding bottom-first with “take-out weight” into limestone blocks. Thomas’ explanation of how the impact was absorbed by his body will not be repeated here at this time. The rest of the ride was uneventful, yet exceptionally enjoyable. The riverbank trails we’ve been on the past few weeks were better than ever, worthy of a do-over.

Later at the Assiniboine Park duck pond a best-of-seven knock-down race ensued, a sort of Anger Cross part deux, given the joy the Impaler had as he schooled both young and old. The results:

The Impaler
Tenacious V
The Hipster

Later at the klubhaus, Johnny S and his ThNR note-taking, Sportnet’s plays of the year (“ultimate is gay”), the horse barn throw-down, speaking in the third person, Thor’s SMASH upcoming Paris-Roubaix win in the rainbow jersey, and V’s multiple encounters with death were discussed. V was also propositioned in the men’s room by a BC transplant looking to join the FGBC and take part in the TNRs, and then some.

Alt and modern rock made up the night’s set list—Cake, The Silversun Pickups, Jet, and The National to name a few. The Cheap Trick streak has finally ended.


  1. Good times. Fear me all who try to knock me down.

    Love the picture of Tenacious V scolding The Hipster. Or is that Vic is really drunk and Mark is bored with his ramblings?

  2. As I recall it, V was drunkenly scolding the Hipster, who was drunkenly indifferent.

  3. KK way to give the DL a run for his money on the TNR report. 9/10. Innuendo. Violence. Intrigue. It's all there. Apparently the man himself and I are mere kms away from each other right now although we have not crossed paths as of yet. Maybe I need to hit a bike shop?

  4. i must have been drunk, look at my hair. young people need to be scolded every once in a while.

  5. No Cheap Trick? Just as well that I missed it then.

    The do-over goes down tonight. Let me know if you're interested.

  6. What is going on in that second photo? Looks like I'm doing something indecent to Vic and he seems to be enjoying it while Thomas is getting the hell out of there. We weren't even drunk yet.

  7. Maybe that is what he was scolding me about.

  8. The correct nomenclature would be Tuesday Night Ride: Special Wednesday Edition. One of these days we will have a whole week full if TNRs. It'll be our version of a six day race. And yes, it will be awesome.

  9. Gotta say, it was a pretty sweet night last night. Too bad I'm from the country and never ride my bike anymore. Good tempo boys (if it could have been called a "tempo").

    wv: pulative

  10. We also have to do a TNR: All Nighter Edition some time this summer.

  11. Isn't that the official name for the event known more colloquially as the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge? Still, we could probably do another one.

  12. Whatever is going on in that second photo, Vic seems to be smiling about it.