Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RRR Jersey ordering time?

As the cold winter chill sets in, I ponder what could make me feel even cozier in my new RRR cycling 'home'.....the answer is simple, a new wool RRR jersey! Oregon Cycle Wear has chosen to release a new jersey style , the 'Morrison', to coincide with my move to RRR (I wonder if Fabian is suggesting Frank and Andy also place an order this week as he moves to Luxembourg?). So if you don't have a jersey, or want another, or like Larry, need to drop some $$ this week on a cycling related purchase, let me know!

Discounts are present for 2 ($69) or more, then for 14($53) or more jerseys. I doubt we will get to 14, we are already at 2 (I have told my wife, Mary, that Mrs. Cancellara will support her man by wearing his new colors, she has capitulated)!