Monday, November 8, 2010

Cross Provincials

In cross there's a 101 things to do right, and that means there are 101 things to go wrong. For me, the two things went terribly wrong at the worst possible part of the race. With 3 laps to go--BAM! Down on the gravelly left corner off the parking lot into park of soul-sucking grass. With 2 laps to go--BAM! Face plant in the ditch.

Up until the first crash, I had enjoyed a hard-fought race with Ian and G, managing to open a gap on them and s-l-o-w-l-y reel in Rocket Ron. Ian and G caught me at after my navigational error and the heat was turned up with just 2 to go. I had managed to continually make a bit of time on them, confident I could hold them off until the end. Alas, I tempted fate one too many times at crossing the ditch and augured hard for some up-close dirt sampling. That pretty much left me that semi-coherent daze for the final lap. I spent all of last night wishing I had elected for the safe option of dismounting at that stage in the race. Oh well, so it goes. I had fun with Ian and G; it was definitely the most fun I've had this cross season. Next year race I'll try to do one or two more things right. Until then, a hearty helping of road rash will remind me to ride smarter, not harder on the 27th.

Thankfully, Mike did more right than wrong and earned himself a bronze in the 40+ race to make sure RRR didn't go home completely empty-handed. Good job, Mike.

Thanks again to the race organizers and volunteers. Your efforts are appreciated.

Deb and I snapped a lot of photos. You can find the photo dump here.

Cheerleaders ("go, buddy!") and hecklers


  1. I believe so. His shoulder and chin still looks relatively clean.

  2. sweet! Thanks for the pix! Whaaa... Jonny Barfed?

  3. Cut him some slack. He was just trying to keep pace with the Original Butter Belt at the time.

  4. Good pics Kev. Crashing kinda sucks. Sketchy corners will do that.

  5. Great pics KK. The question is.. If I'm not crashing, am I riding fast enough?

    That's a good excuse I use for when I crash.

  6. Thanks, Greg. I use the same approach. If I'm not crashing, I'm not riding hard enough. I crash. A LOT. But usually because I'm not riding smart enough.