Thursday, October 21, 2010

Southern Cross

I can't remember the last time I fell off my bike. I don't know what that says about me. Am I too timid? Too slow? Really smooth? Or just lucky?

At Southern Cross the streak ended. I got off to my usual fast start (which is typically followed by a slow fade to mid pack) and was in the top three or four when we hit the hill area for the first time. Like many others, I went down on that cursed shiny straw. The first time was pretty harmless. Up and rolling without losing much time. The second time not so lucky. I went down hard and was passed by several riders. And I have some pretty nice rash to show for it.

Both crashes were in the first lap, so I knew I had some time to get back in the mix. I started to pass a few folks and by the end I finished near where I felt I should have. For the third or fourth time this year I had a race within the race with Dallas. I got up to him, but just couldn't get by. I thought that's where I would finish, but he was kind enough to crash on the last lap and let me get by. What a guy.

Who knows what could have been if I could have used all that energy a bit further up in the group? Racing is full of unanswered questions like these. RRR's very own Artur Pich proved to be the most consistent racer of the weekend and took the top honors for B. Well done.

After my race I sped through my usual clean up and re-hydration routine to get ready for the best part of the day: heckling. With Dallas leading the charge, we assembled 30 strong on the hill. At some point we noticed some of the A racers were dismounting at the railway ties and running up the hill. A lot of us B slobs rode that, so of course this unleashed some vicious heckling. Sorry Anna, you deserved it.

The first time I saw Olli round that turn and get assaulted by the screams, he bunny hopped the ties clearing them easily and accelerated up the hill. I think I'm in love...Tristan, Tomek, and Luc also get top marks for form.

But the best move of the day was for sure by Rene. He almost got his front wheel, I mean Cam's front wheel, over the ties. But not quite. The endo was spectacular, as was the pretzeled handlebar that resulted. That hushed the crowd. For about two seconds. Man I do love me some heckling. I'm glad you're OK Rene.

Good times at the curling club to finish the day. Tons of swag was doled out, lots of Southern Cross IPA flowed, and chips were eaten. Every champions post race food of choice. And I went home with a sweet Sugoi cycling cap.

All in all another great day in Altona. Thanks to Johnny S and all the ABES crew. You guys know how to put on an event.

Next up, the amazing prize fest that is Crosstastic, and then our spooktacular Halloween at the Harbour. Singlespeeders be afraid, be very, very afraid.


  1. From the sound of it (and the photo floating around of him endo'ing in the sand), Rene didn't have a very good Sunday.

  2. Maybe it was karma? Maybe that's what Rene gets for sitting on a wheel for five laps at St. Malo and then sprinting by in the last straight.

    Seems to be the case for Alberto "Oh I didn't notice you had a chain problem" Contador. Tainted beef? More like tainted karma.

  3. I'll send you pics of my road rash in the coming days. It was epic.