Monday, October 18, 2010

I Think I'm Turning Superstitious

Saturday's race at St. Malo was the best I've had in a while. No mechanicals or flats. It was more than less a good day. Would have liked to finish in the top 10, but that's more about doing your homework ("if you want the grades you got to do your homework") and eating properly. Both of which have been less than more of a priority post-Hot Pursuit (my bad).

Anyway, on Saturday, in my scramble to get to the venue on time, I left behind several "race day essentials". No wool jersey to wear pre-race to keep me warm, no gloves, and no race jersey. Well, I did have the old white one—it would have to do. As I pulled it on, I realized the worst races I've had in a long time seem to happen when I don the new RRR jersey.

Starting a the back of the pack is far from ideal, but I did manage to work my way up closer to the front before the first tight corner where I took the honour of being the first to break the tape. Too aggressive (again), hoping to force the guy next to me to take a different line (he didn't...again). After getting the mess of tape out of my brake hanger, I was off and chasing hard to get back with the guys I was with when the mishap occurred.

I did catch up and managed to hang on for most of the race. I slowly reeled in a few guys, which felt good. Yikes! I was actually having fun! Rock on, ratty old white jersey!

It was a good course. Chapeau to the Olympia gang and the town of St. Malo for a fun day. As much as the run-up sucked, it was awesome. Same goes for the sand.

I couldn't make it out to Southern Cross. I was pretty bummed about that all day as I felt good to race on Sunday. Alas, being home on Sunday afternoon allowed me to accept an invite to watch Jason Bonham's Led Zepplin Experience from the comfort of a fully-stocked corporate box. So much for the homework I had intended for the evening.

I snapped a few pics of the St. Malo B-race; you can find them here. I would have taken more of everyone, but my camera batteries died early on.

I must say Artur never looked so at home in any race as he did on the St. Malo sand. Must be the shorts. With Artur being the winner of the Grand Prix Sugoi package, it's my guess he'll be rocking some new bib-knickers at Whittier. Not.

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