Monday, October 25, 2010

CrossTastic Report—A Repost of Sorts

Mike sort of scooped my "cross sucks" take on yesterday's race at Whittier Park. I'll let him have it though, as I was going to re-post something he put up about a year ago. After watching from the sidelines last year, I'm fully experiencing the same sentiments he expressed here, particularly the first 4 paragraphs or so. I'll just leave it at that...and add that I'm not at all superstitious.

Overall for RRR, it wasn't the best of days. Ryan crashed out very early on in the B race, Artur had a rare off day, and Brad wiped out on the run-up and hurt his hand which set the tone for the rest of his race. Michelle (wearing the cool jersey she won at last year's CrossTastic), however, did well. Despite a quick and dirty fix to a rear der shifting problem mere minutes before the start of her race, she rode a strong race on her new 3x1 (big thanks to the good samaritans that provided mechanical expertise and tools for this quick fix). Despite this last-minute distraction, it might have been her best race all year. Larry and Jane also rode well to respectable finishes. For Jane, this was her first CX race.

Thanks to Gary and all the volunteers that made CrossTastc great. The course was punishing but fun. I look forward to exacting my revenge next year. Until then, here are some photos from the kids and B race to enjoy. More photos here, here, here, and here.

Next week: Halloween at the Harbour—win a sweet carbon fibre Cane Creek wheelset or one of the cool door prizes. Wear your costume and increase your odds of winning (and fun).


  1. It's OK to hate cross - it's the honest thing to do.

    So am I allowed to sandbag the B race next week? Otherwise I can't make the 2:30 A race which conflicts with a very tentative 6 year old boys skaking lessons, (who I promised to attend every one if he would try his best...)

    BTW - watching a race and not participating, sucks even more than racing cross. Darn kids!

  2. Make that skating. And that is a DARN kids, not DAM.

  3. 6 year old boys are waaaay more important than race rules.

  4. With all due respect to everyone else, Michelle was the best dressed racer out there!

  5. Certainly better dressed than those wearing what's often referred to as "the sweetest jersey".

  6. KB, you can come sandbag, IF you ride your cx bike.