Sunday, September 26, 2010

Utah Beer

When in Rome....
Enjoying a pint of this fine beer
Sad to have missed menno cross yesterday. However, riding in Moab all week- with temps in the mid to high 90's all week, I can't complain. And with beer like this available...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

2 Sleeps Until MennoCross!

It's reported on the FGBC site that, in addition to a yerba bar, there will be cash prizes—$100 each (3 deep) for the women's A race and men's and women's B races; and $300 (7 deep) for the men's A race. This has "race of the year" written all over it! (until Oct. 30, that is)

Screw work! I'm going home right now to do some intervals. Yerba and a chance to win cash!? You kidding me?!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CrossVegas—Live Streaming


The broadcast will begin at 7:45PM PDT and "run until the lights go out". In case the embedded link below doesn't work when the time comes, click here.

Visit for more Videos

Thanks for the link, Ryan.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

CX #1: Wildwood Park

It feels good to have that one behind me. Really. It was my first cross race if I don't count last season's Kildonan Park race in which I was coming off 10 weeks on the couch due to an ankle/leg injury.

I set out hoping for a mid-pack finish, not really sure how I would stack up against more experience cross racers. I figured I could do well, but the barriers concerned me somewhat after spraining my gimpy ankle a few weeks ago. In the end, it went mostly as well as I had hoped. I got my mid-pack finish, but I crashed four times, two of which really set me back after clawing myself into top-10 positions. The most dramatic was the one which saw Gary riding over my bike and flying over the front of his bike a la Superman. Chalk it up to a combination of inexperience and a poor choice of tires to handle the greasy mud corners. I'll be better equipped and a little wiser for next weekend's race at CMU.

I raced with Mike in the A Race. He did really well considering he has spent very little time on the bike this year. It's not hard to see how he was one of the top racers in the province when he was dedicated to training everyday.

In the B Race, RRR was represented by Brad, Artur, Michelle, and new-comer Ryan.

Brad, ever a stud, finished in 4th spot beating kids half his age on bikes half the weight of his Cross Check. Steel is real, and that's how a real man does it.

Clearly not a man who conforms to the masses, Artur continues with his trademark platform pedals and board shorts. And he continued from where he left off from last year, claiming B Race's 3rd podium spot.
Michelle rode strong, finishing a bit back in what should prove to be a very competitive woman's field. Another race or two and she'll be right there, just as she was last season.

Ryan looked very impressive in his first-ever bike race. He held on to some good company for much of the race. He'll be one to watch as he gets a few more races under his belt. Adam should be looking over his shoulder. Thanks for the post-race refreshments, Ryan.
nice jersey!

A great crowd made the racing memorable for all. I loved racing past all the screaming, even if I couldn't force a smile at acknowledge the cheering (Brad, you had me laughing on inside numerous times). Also a big thanks to the Woodcock team and the race officials for making it all happen.

I have a few B Race photos (mostly RRR and FGBC) here, and there are LOTS more pictures over at JP's blog (thanks, bud).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cross Lab Tonight

6:30 at Omands Park.

With some cross lab practice, you might look as good as Mike.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

CX 2010 Kicks Off in Less Than a Week!

As posted on Olli's blog:

Woodcock Cycle Wildwood Cyclocross, CX series #1

September 18

The first race of the Manitoba Cyclocross series will be held at Wildwood Park, 271 North Drive, Winnipeg, MB.

Race course is the tested lung burner/leg buster in Wildwood Park along the Red River. Races will be fast and furious, the perfect way to get up to cyclocross speed. This is also the first race of the CXMB participation series. More info on CXMB blog.

Light food, fruit and water are available for all racers.

Race prizing to be awarded after all races are complete. You must be present to accept your prize.

Registration from 1:30pm - 3 pm at the Wildwood Community Club, washroom facilities located here. Parking on the North Drive gravel shoulder.

Registration $15, novice riders and kids under 16 race for free.

Races starts at 2pm B Race - 2pm, 30min + 2 laps

Kids Race - 3pm, approximately 15min + 1 lap (modified course)

A Race - 3:30pm, 45min + 2 laps

Friday, September 3, 2010

Get Ready For October 30

it's not the best photo, but you get the idea

Thursday, September 2, 2010

God of Thunder


2010 Bike Shorts Film Festival

It's now September, so that means it's time again for the always entertaining, sometimes bizarre Bike Shorts Film Festival. Details here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Night Cross Lab Haiku

Six boys in the rain
Squishy socks and muddy backs
Cyclocross draws near

Next Cross Lab: Saturday @ 7:00 am, Omand's Park
Full Cross Lab schedule here.