Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spicing It Up

Hello ladies. What's today? Look at this poster.
Does your man have the dicke to go the distance? I don't know.
Now look at me. I have a belt.
Now look at the Little Dick. Don't laugh.
Now back to me. I just won.
Ladies, does your man really have what it takes?
I didn't think so.
But if he wore this jersey he might look the part.
I'm on a bike.


  1. It's Little Dicke. With an e.

    Your legs are almost as beefy as Der Dicke's. That would make you Double Dicke. Or DD. Kind of like KK.

    It is going to be good tonight.

  2. Can't wait!

    From what I hear of the Chatterbox's display in Altona, I might need to strategically drop a shoulder in one of the corners