Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RRR's Silver Medal and Iron(wo)man

Sunday was a good day for RRR members. First there was the Provincial MTB race at Grand Beach. While the number of RRR riders was small, hardware was earned and brought home. Congrats to Brad for claiming 2nd place behind uber-stud Lindsay in the 50+ category. Our FGBC rivals also had a surprise entry, as Tenacious V showed up to rock hop (or is that stump jump?) his 29er around the course.

happy old guys

I elected to sit this one out (it darn near killed me - the MTB Committee and volunteers did a bang-up job with the course) and nurse an injury as cross season's too near to risk further ill effect. I did have my camera, however, and enjoyed capturing most riders. I don't claim to be David Lipnowski, but there is the odd good one to be found here.

Sunday also saw Larry's wife, Jane, take part in the Subaru Ironman Canada triathlon in Penticton, BC. After breaking her collarbone while training in June and missing out on weeks of training, she put in a great effort to finish in the top half of her field with an overall time of 13:26:13. Two weekends ago I participated in a mini triathlon with a 400m swim which hurt worse than any interval training I've ever done. I can't imagine swimming 3.86 kms.

this just doesn't look like fun to me (just sayin')

Good job, Jane! Can't wait to see you racing cross as we kick some FGBC butt this year.


  1. Was wondering why you weren't racing on Sunday.

  2. Those TNRs can be dangerous.

  3. David L. aside... whatever! Great Pictures KK!! Thanks a ton!