Thursday, August 19, 2010

August and Onward

In case you have some free dates on your calendar and you don't know what to do with yourself, there's a lot to look forward to over the next little bit. In addition to a few more Tuesday night crits, there's lots of fun to be had as we wind down August and start to think about Fall...maybe too much fun.

AD/DC—ABES Dirty Double Crosser

Did someone say 'fun'? The ABES crew knows how to have fun. AD/DC should prove to be something you've never done before. Touted as "the sweetest throw-down cross race in Rocktona", the unofficial kick-off to the cyclocross season takes place tomorrow evening at Altona's motocross park. Details are here, and more-so here (which is interesting given this is an ABES event—I guess they're busy having fun).

Provincial Crit

There's no poster, so a map of the race course will have to do.

The Provincial Crit Championship takes place this Sunday at the Royal Canadian Mint. Last year's race saw Mike go down with Don S. for some spectacular road rash. Hopefully this year's event won't include any crashing; Mike hasn't been racing much this year, so there's a good chance the Cat 3s will ride clean.

Details here. Pre-registration closes Thursday, August 19 at 8pm. In-site registration & sign-in opens at 4:30pm and close 30 minutes before your race.

Grass Track

Yet another fun opportunity to make your legs burn and push yourself to the point of puking. All good stuff for readying yourself for...

Excitement for the upcoming 2010 cyclcocross season is starting to build. Organizers have been putting their heads together and planning on ways to build on recent success and growth. More details to be released soon. Keep an eye on the Cyclocross Manitoba site for news and updates as they happen.

There are 9 races on tap this year, the first official race is scheduled for Sept. 19. That gives you exactly 4 weeks to get ready. Joining in on Cross Labs fun is one way to shake off the rust and hone your cross skills. The first one is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Aug. 25 at Omand's Park.

Provincial Mountain Bike Race

Hal and company have made multiple trips out to Grand Beach and put in a lot of effort to cut some new trail and prepare a course that is worthy of the Provincial XC Championship race. All the details, including a gpx file for you tech-savvy GPS users can be found here. Deadline for in-person pre-registration is August 27 (or August 28 at 6:00pm if you register online). Race day registration goes up to $40, so register early and save yourself $15.

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  1. I rode the Provincials course yesterday. The new cuts add a good bit of new singletrack and will make for a great course. Don't miss this one.