Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TdF Stage 3—SMASH!

1 k to go. Thor SMASH adjusts bibs to accommodate his large onions.

Here's the finish!


Live coverage transcript courtesy of Tour day schmalz.


  1. First of all, SMASH!
    LA down 55 seconds to Contador, and 1:51 to Evans and Schleck? You might as well buy my beer now Larry. His podiums hopes deflated with that flat.
    I can't wait to see the video; Andy Schleck trying to hold on to that lead group must have looked like a little boy out riding with his Dad and Uncles.
    I love the new Evans.
    And Vinokourov gapping Contador, I'm sure that was an accident...

  2. SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Should have known better than to not have him on my team. Ultimately I am the loser.

    Love the Smashing!
    What a stage!

  3. Scmalz rules.

    "64k to go Muravyev back at the Shack car, getting his back pockets loaded with nitro glycerin for his dive into Alberto's spokes."

  4. Just imagine what LA would have to say about Contador not riding near the front on the cobbles, getting caught behind a crash, having a lot to learn, etc. if today's events had them switch places.

    Can you imagine the shit the mechanic who helped with the wheel change will get tonight?

    Armstrong, who looked strong and relaxed on the cobblestones, was pragmatic about the card Lady Luck had dealt him.

    “Something happened in front, Fränk Schleck came down, and that just kind of gapped open the group,” Armstrong said. “We hung in there, we were right behind them, and just as we were catching them, on section six, I got that front flat. But the 45-second wheel change, they’re gone. Popo’ came back, gave me a hand and then on the final section I went at it alone, stuck in the cars, dirt, and dodging people.

    “But no complaints,” he continued. “Bad luck was with me today. But look at the results. Everyone thought the climbers were going to lose minutes today, and they were the ones in the front, and the guy who was supposed to take advantage of it was in the back. That’s the nature of racing, so I have to accept that, and go on, and do my best in the next two and a half weeks.”

    (From VeloNews)

    MAN AM I GOING TO ENJOY ALL THAT BEER YOU ARE BUYING ME LARRY! Let's see, maybe a 12 of Guinness, and two 12's of Half Pints Taster packs. Mmmmm, beer.