Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gruber Assist

There was some discussion this past weekend's Spring Ride about mechanical doping. Several comments were made about needing, or others having their own Gruber Assist.

On that note, here's something that goes into a little more detail, specifically about Cancellara's Spring efforts. Say it isn't so, Fabian!

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  1. my word, that footage is incredibly damning. It gives new meaning to the phrase "powered away" from the competition. Really, it's so obvious it's sickening. He pretty much doesn't appear to put in any more effort and suddenly he's gone - very, very unnatural looking. Then to see Boonen practically turn himself inside out to follow in Flanders (he's no slouch, not to mention he seemed to definitely still have some juice (pun intended) left in the tank) and yet in the span of 2-3 seconds, Fabian had disappeared. unreal.

    nice video find KK.