Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FGD Challenge Update—May Results

With May behind us, it's time for an update.

The Dark Side made a charge with six top-10 finishes in the 2010 Giro Pool, but we luckily had enough in the bank to hold them off.

June was to start off with a bang with the much anticipated Back 40 in Morden. For those who indulge in the 80km option, double points were on the line. Hopefully a date will announced that will permit another good showing of RRR and FGBC combatants. Until then, the banner at the top of this page proudly remains.

June has a number of crits and WNS races, a roadie double-header, and a couple of cup races in store, so there are a good number of points to be claimed even without June's crown jewel.


  1. I'm confused. I thought this was no longer fgbc v. rrr, but vic v. (jp?).

    which team is which?

  2. There are two challenges...just to keep everyone honest (and hopefully on a winning team).