Friday, May 14, 2010

Introducing The 2010 FGD Challenge

Last year's FGD Challenge, a friendly rivalry with our FGBC friends, was a lot of fun. some might even say the drama of the challenge itself was even more fun than the racing. At any rate, it certainly got a lot of us out to participate. Vicarious racing aside, RRR and FGBC collectively accrued 239 race appearances in 2009. The goal was to get people out racing, and it’s safe to say the mission was accomplished.

The format for the 2010 FGD Challenge will be somewhat different in that the entire challenge will be broken down into a series of monthly showdowns. Likening the challenge to a baseball game, each month could be considered as an inning. Each inning won counts as a point toward the total towards the final tally. This should prove to level the playing field come cyclocross season when all the closet FGBCers come out of the closet woodwork.

Here’s the first scoreboard update for 2010. With April behind us, FGBC has taken an early lead due to the club’s strong showing in the Spring Classics pool and at Brad’s Rated RRR Spring Classic race. Both RRR and FGBC had equal representation at Bruxelles, the kickoff race to 2010 MCA calendar, so things were pretty much a wash there.

May is proving to be a good month so far for RRR. We’re off to an early lead thanks to some strong finishes by Larry, Brad, and Mandy (WOOT, WOOT!) at the Wednesday Night Series opener (results). The FGBC, meanwhile, was curiously absent.

Mandy—code for “secret weapon”—is enthusiastically trying out racing for the first time, and is already taking names and kicking ass. We might not have a Twitter feed for the world to track her training efforts, but all you really need to know is that she’s a mean fighting machine, recklessly determined to have fun. Yes, girls like Mandy just want to have fun.

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