Thursday, May 20, 2010

Honorary Captain?

Our brother club has an 'honorary captain'. We at Red River Racing don't need no stinkin' honorary captain. (If we ever did, it would be Jens Voigt). But we never will. That's kid stuff.

So it was with some concern for our brothers that I read this morning that their Honorary Captain has recently confessed to years of doping. Some say it's a last pathetic grab at media attention. Some are congratulating him for having the stones to finally come clean.

I find all of this a little disturbing. What's next? The Cricket admits to using caffeine pills all through last cross season? Dr. Divisive comes clean about his amphetamine use to win the Muerto Crown? Fort Garry Dark has performance enhancing chemicals? Where will it end?

Joe Papp is one of those publicly congratulating Landis. His blog is here:


  1. I really don't get why Landis would spend $2 million dollars trying to disprove what he knew was true, only to come clean so he could clear his conscious.

    At least he had a conscious about it, unlike certain Conan O'Brien or Duester look-alikes.

  2. One of the people Landis has implicated is none other than Michael Barry. Say it isn't so Michel.

  3. Conan O'Brien or Duester lookalikes? Don't you mean Lyle Lovett if you are going after LA?

    I'll freely acknowledge that this does not look good on LA, and does cast a shadow (it isn't definitive, but it sure is damning). However, I can't get past the zeal, to the point of a cheering schoolgirl, that Joe Papp exhibits toward Landis. It's actually pretty ridiculous. He's not courageous, he's no hero, he's just someone that broke down and confessed something he's been hiding for years. "The Tell-tale Heart" comes to mind.

    Really, who knows if he was on the verge of being proven guilty, and confessing now was pre-emptive or face-saving in some way? Not saying that's the case, but who knows?! And who knows what axe he has to grind toward former teammates?

    Again, I agree that this is a big blow to LA, and I won't dismiss it or anything (unless a reason comes about to do so, which I don't see at this point), but Joe Papp is a bit of a joke in my opinion, in terms of that article.

  4. Vino and reference to LA was intended. Trust Larry to make it all about the bloke.