Monday, May 3, 2010

A Grand Time

Yesterday's race at Grand Beach was a lot of fun despite the rain and cool conditions. It was hardly noticeable once things the whistle was blown to start the race. To those of you who sat at home due to a little rain with the roadies...shame. Shame on you.

I didn't get to a single cup race last year, so I wasn't sure how I'd stack up against the competition. There were a few familiar faces/rabbits from the Burr Oak series, so I sort of had an idea of who to mark, but there were just as many faces that were question marks to me. Not really doing any trail riding at speed this year, and riding a new bike (which I had packed into the car at the last moment instead of my usual race bike)...well, I really wasn't sure what to expect.

Hal and company did a bang-up job with the course. How many times have we seen mileage markers on the course in Manitoba before? That was a first for me, at least. The course was very well laid out, exceptionally marked, and included some new bits which made for a nice change for those of us to ride out there relatively frequently.

The rock garden seemed to be a place where a lot of people made time on their competition. I wasn't one of them. After going out too hard, I found it hard to finesse the bike through such sections as well as I know I can. My first real test for my 29er proved how well big wheels roll over rocks and carry momentum through soft sand. I can't wait to get more time on the trails with that bike under my belt.

The best part of my day came courtesy of one of the course marshals. He was not only shouting out words of motivation, but paid the ultimate compliment—on my 2nd lap, in reference to my wool RRR jersey, he stated "you're the best dressed rider". Sweet. Sweeter. Sweetest.

Overall, not a bad day at the races. I know now what I need to work on. Looking good not one of them.



  1. Smashing work. Our jersey is to sweetness what Dallas is to awesomeness.

  2. Sadly my jersey has shrunken to the intolerably-tight-zone (at least it made an impressive debut at my 50th birthday party...). This has, in turn, resulted in a new jersey for my uber-skinny son! Look for the jersey on the drummer of the Wpg indie band "Enjoy Your Pumas", at a bar near you! So the joy spreads...

  3. Sorry to hear that, RJ. But don't let your son claim full custody of that'll probably fit you again in a few weeks with all that riding you MIT guys are doing!