Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brandon Hills

I drove out with the Loewen brothers in Hal's new 4 door Golf TDI. (KK will now have Golf envy, which I suppose is a lot better than the other kind...) Nice car.

There was a good crowd which someone said was bigger than
Grand Beach. Sport category was around 20 I think. The course was really dry with a lot of leaf covered and loose sections and a lot of up. The course definitely challenged me.

Random thoughts on the day:

  • I just didn't have much energy.
  • I have either got to get serious about training or take up shuffleboard.
  • Those scrawny little U17 kids can sure go uphill fast.
  • JP crashed hard during warm up and broke his helmet and bloodied his knee.
  • I found a tick on my neck.
  • I finished 7th.
  • Apparently I have a stripped spoke on my new old wheel so it wouldn't stay true and braking was reminiscent of my old K car with the badly warped rotors.
  • Hal changed with a towel around his waist without incident.
  • If I would have tried that, it would have resulted in yet another wardrobe malfunction.
  • Tim had a Dirt Rag magazine with an ad for a 'changing kilt'. Seems like one of those really simple ideas that makes a lot of sense. I am going to get my mom to sew me one. If only I'd had one on that ride at the Tinker trails last year...
  • 24 hours of Falcon Ridge posters were proudly displayed.
  • We stopped for Blizzards in Brandon.
  • I should have brought a second beer.
  • Hal had a big bag of sour Ju Jubes for the ride home, which Tim tells me is normal. Based on this new information, I will attempt to carpool with Hal more often.
  • It was a great day out with good company.
  • Good job BBC, and thanks for hosting the race.


  1. I have a Rolf (Trek) rim brake front wheel you can have it you need it Brad. I think it is race/ride worthy, but I have not used it in a good 5 years. Let me know if you need it. Good report.

  2. I may take you up on that. I'll see if I can fix this one tonight and let you know. Thanks.

  3. Good job, Brad. Sounds like it was worth the trip just to relax in Hal's new ride and eat candy.

  4. Good thing you didn't have to drive me to the race Brad... going with Hal sounds like way more fun!