Friday, May 21, 2010

Best Wishes To Jane

...for a speedy recovery.

after lifting this during my last visit to Larry's bike room, I've realized what this is (not a carbon brake lever as I had thought);
I should probably return it

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Distractions Can Be Bad

It's all Floyd's fault.

Honorary Captain?

Our brother club has an 'honorary captain'. We at Red River Racing don't need no stinkin' honorary captain. (If we ever did, it would be Jens Voigt). But we never will. That's kid stuff.

So it was with some concern for our brothers that I read this morning that their Honorary Captain has recently confessed to years of doping. Some say it's a last pathetic grab at media attention. Some are congratulating him for having the stones to finally come clean.

I find all of this a little disturbing. What's next? The Cricket admits to using caffeine pills all through last cross season? Dr. Divisive comes clean about his amphetamine use to win the Muerto Crown? Fort Garry Dark has performance enhancing chemicals? Where will it end?

Joe Papp is one of those publicly congratulating Landis. His blog is here:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

24 Hours of Falcon Ridge—Online Registration Open

Online registration via Karelo is open. If you fit into one of the categories below, get yourself signed up here!

- Solo men & women
- 2 person team - two guys, two girls, a guy and a girl, whatever...
- 4 person team - four guys or four girls, whatever...
- 4 person mixed team - at least 1 female
- Corporate teams - 6-10 people of any age, sex, or fun factor

Monday, May 17, 2010

FGD Challenge Update

Assuming Brad's update (below) is correct, and there were indeed no FGBCers at the race, the current tally of the FGD Challenge sits at 91-22 in our favour. We're at 91-22 as we head into the second half of May.

Update: Just found the results. All assumptions made were correct.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brandon Hills

I drove out with the Loewen brothers in Hal's new 4 door Golf TDI. (KK will now have Golf envy, which I suppose is a lot better than the other kind...) Nice car.

There was a good crowd which someone said was bigger than
Grand Beach. Sport category was around 20 I think. The course was really dry with a lot of leaf covered and loose sections and a lot of up. The course definitely challenged me.

Random thoughts on the day:

  • I just didn't have much energy.
  • I have either got to get serious about training or take up shuffleboard.
  • Those scrawny little U17 kids can sure go uphill fast.
  • JP crashed hard during warm up and broke his helmet and bloodied his knee.
  • I found a tick on my neck.
  • I finished 7th.
  • Apparently I have a stripped spoke on my new old wheel so it wouldn't stay true and braking was reminiscent of my old K car with the badly warped rotors.
  • Hal changed with a towel around his waist without incident.
  • If I would have tried that, it would have resulted in yet another wardrobe malfunction.
  • Tim had a Dirt Rag magazine with an ad for a 'changing kilt'. Seems like one of those really simple ideas that makes a lot of sense. I am going to get my mom to sew me one. If only I'd had one on that ride at the Tinker trails last year...
  • 24 hours of Falcon Ridge posters were proudly displayed.
  • We stopped for Blizzards in Brandon.
  • I should have brought a second beer.
  • Hal had a big bag of sour Ju Jubes for the ride home, which Tim tells me is normal. Based on this new information, I will attempt to carpool with Hal more often.
  • It was a great day out with good company.
  • Good job BBC, and thanks for hosting the race.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

That's why my kid is named after him.

This man continues to impress me. 5 years ago I named my newborn after him (Ephraim Duke Cadel Giesbrecht).

And this is the reason why. Doing the rainbow jersey proud.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Introducing The 2010 FGD Challenge

Last year's FGD Challenge, a friendly rivalry with our FGBC friends, was a lot of fun. some might even say the drama of the challenge itself was even more fun than the racing. At any rate, it certainly got a lot of us out to participate. Vicarious racing aside, RRR and FGBC collectively accrued 239 race appearances in 2009. The goal was to get people out racing, and it’s safe to say the mission was accomplished.

The format for the 2010 FGD Challenge will be somewhat different in that the entire challenge will be broken down into a series of monthly showdowns. Likening the challenge to a baseball game, each month could be considered as an inning. Each inning won counts as a point toward the total towards the final tally. This should prove to level the playing field come cyclocross season when all the closet FGBCers come out of the closet woodwork.

Here’s the first scoreboard update for 2010. With April behind us, FGBC has taken an early lead due to the club’s strong showing in the Spring Classics pool and at Brad’s Rated RRR Spring Classic race. Both RRR and FGBC had equal representation at Bruxelles, the kickoff race to 2010 MCA calendar, so things were pretty much a wash there.

May is proving to be a good month so far for RRR. We’re off to an early lead thanks to some strong finishes by Larry, Brad, and Mandy (WOOT, WOOT!) at the Wednesday Night Series opener (results). The FGBC, meanwhile, was curiously absent.

Mandy—code for “secret weapon”—is enthusiastically trying out racing for the first time, and is already taking names and kicking ass. We might not have a Twitter feed for the world to track her training efforts, but all you really need to know is that she’s a mean fighting machine, recklessly determined to have fun. Yes, girls like Mandy just want to have fun.

who needs a bike rack?

For some reason this made me laugh. It's also a good example of obeying rule 25.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


White prevails over black...again.

Upcoming MTB Fun

Tonight—the first of six Wednesday night races at Bur Oak. This series is close to home and a good mid-week distraction with a great course and fun people.

details here

Sunday—The Brandon Hills offers some of the best riding our province has to offer. It's worth the trip. The BBC guarantees it.

details here and here

Monday, May 10, 2010

Team Sky Giro TTT Training

Not overly exciting, but I thought it was interesting to see the pros also get disrespected while out on their rides, even in bike-friendly Europe. Skip ahead to roughly 3:20 to see Wiggins get pegged by a water bottle thrown from a passing car.

Stolen from Michael Barry's blog.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Grand Time

Yesterday's race at Grand Beach was a lot of fun despite the rain and cool conditions. It was hardly noticeable once things the whistle was blown to start the race. To those of you who sat at home due to a little rain with the roadies...shame. Shame on you.

I didn't get to a single cup race last year, so I wasn't sure how I'd stack up against the competition. There were a few familiar faces/rabbits from the Burr Oak series, so I sort of had an idea of who to mark, but there were just as many faces that were question marks to me. Not really doing any trail riding at speed this year, and riding a new bike (which I had packed into the car at the last moment instead of my usual race bike)...well, I really wasn't sure what to expect.

Hal and company did a bang-up job with the course. How many times have we seen mileage markers on the course in Manitoba before? That was a first for me, at least. The course was very well laid out, exceptionally marked, and included some new bits which made for a nice change for those of us to ride out there relatively frequently.

The rock garden seemed to be a place where a lot of people made time on their competition. I wasn't one of them. After going out too hard, I found it hard to finesse the bike through such sections as well as I know I can. My first real test for my 29er proved how well big wheels roll over rocks and carry momentum through soft sand. I can't wait to get more time on the trails with that bike under my belt.

The best part of my day came courtesy of one of the course marshals. He was not only shouting out words of motivation, but paid the ultimate compliment—on my 2nd lap, in reference to my wool RRR jersey, he stated "you're the best dressed rider". Sweet. Sweeter. Sweetest.

Overall, not a bad day at the races. I know now what I need to work on. Looking good not one of them.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Manx Man is Back!

Cavendish hasn't done much this spring as far as winning races goes. (Evident by my vicarious race results) He seems to be on his way back in though- with a bit of flare- as per usual.
This celebratory salute got him ejected from the tour of Romandie by his team, and fined by the UCI.(Odd that they would fine someone)
Look out TDF, green jersey winner on his way up (if he can keep the UCI happy)