Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Classic Redemption

After falling victim one way or another to Brad's spring classic, both Brad and I were anxious to revisit last Sunday's course and be redeemed for our Rated RRR transgressions. And pull a few marking ribbons off strategic signposts along the way. The Cricket tagged along to get a few extra kms into his legs and helped us enjoy the beautiful day. Unlike last Sunday, there was lots of sun. Just as last Sunday, there was wind (though not nearly the beast it was to overcome last week).

Kind of like watching Sesame Street

The grotto is so last week, so we took the time in Cooks Creek to stop and pay our respects at the Cooks Creek Heritage Museum.

This is a holy place - you can see it radiating from above

St. Michael the Archangel triumphing over evil

Fun on two wheels with friends. You can't beat it.

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