Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Training update

Bruxelles was a 'training race'. That's why I let the group go and stuck to my plan. That took a lot of discipline. It's not that I'm slow or anything.
Rode to work today in the drizzle. I rode my commuter because it has fenders and a rack. The plan is to stop by the Liquor Mart on the way home, strap a few cases of beer to the rack and head north on Henderson to do some intervals in the rain. This will be followed by beer and nacho intervals. HTFU!
Tomorrow, heavy squats and some work around the house.
I can't race Sunday because of family obligations, but I will get out for 3 hours of power intervals at 93.7% of maximum.
I plan a peak for Brandon Hills. All you other Sport Class slobs have been warned.


  1. Brad,
    I saw you through the drizzle on your way into work this morning. I would have tried to catch up to you, but I'd been doing sub-16 minute laps of BHP since 5am, and was taking it easy on my way back into the city.

  2. I wish i could do brandon only to see the carnage left in the wake of the impaler.

    wicked awsome