Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20: Burr Oak Fun (and then some)

Mike and I got in our first rides at Burr Oak this afternoon. Trails were in great shape for March 20th. Most of it was clear of snow, but there were a few parts snow-covered and slippery. As it was pretty wet in the shadows, we didn't venture down into the boggy area.

We also went for a ride to the Wednesday Night Series venue of yesteryear - Hillside. En route, we witness what has to be the highlight of the day. Watching an unlicensed Suzuki Sidekick that was 4x4ing in the neighbouring gravel pits try to outrun a RCMP cruiser. Loser.

After tooling around what's left of the Hillside trails, we rode across BHP to the previous WNS course which seemed to have a lot more snow than the Burr Oak. That didn't stop Mike from masterfully navigating the tight switchbacks...he's almost 40, but he's still got it.

It felt great to be on the mtb again. The Olympia Club is meeting out at Burr Oak ride on Sunday, so it only proves that all the cool kids are doing it. You should go.

Oh yeah. After Mike left I rode 5 more laps at race pace. I felt a little sluggish after missing my protein intake on Friday, but I pushed through it and set a new PB. I'll do it again tomorrow. Again, this is what all the cool kids do.


  1. Only 5 more? Must have been a rest day then or are you tapering? HA

    Seems like everyone is pretty eager to get on the trails with the nice weather this March. Awesome.

  2. I would have done more, but I broke the chain on one of my out-of-the saddle sprints. That's the fifth time it's happened this week.

  3. KK did more laps, I did beer laps in the parking lot. He's huge.