Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just In Time For The Long Weekend

I love it when my wife is home to answer the mailman's knock on the door (well, yesterday I was...). These C29ssmax wheels are pretty sweet. Wrapped in Racing Ralphs, these knock off close to 4lbs of rotating weight compared to the WTB SpeedDisc Trail/Nevegal wheels that came stock on my 29er.

Granted there are lighter wheelsets out there, but you gotta love ebay when you can get such a significant upgrade for a steal of a deal. Besides, when you're my size lighter isn't necessarily better.

BNIB—a Roval box apparently


Now I need to clean out some of the miscellaneous parts that have been accumulating. Watch for my garage sale coming soon.


  1. Those are babe-a-licious. I'm anxiously awaiting the garage sale. Shifters?

  2. For you, sir, special price.

    I have some items in mind for you, Brad. I'll give you first right to refuse before sharing with others.