Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Darwin Award Nominee

The following story came through this morning at work via the lottery industry's news digest service. Some people really shouldn't be spending their money on instant tickets, but on getting help.
Angry Flight Passenger Eats Winning Scratch Card
CASTLE DONINGTON, England (February 27, 2010) – According to the UPI news service a spokesman for an Irish airline said a passenger who won nearly $13,620 on a scratch card ate the instant lottery ticket when told he could not cash it in.

UPI reports Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said the strange behavior by the male passenger came after staff on board a flight from Poland to England confirmed the ticket was authentic and could be cashed in once the airplane landed, ‘The Daily Telegraph’ said Saturday. McNamara said the passenger, whose identity was not released, wanted to cash in his ticket on the flight, but staff informed him there was not enough available cash on the flight.

The passenger's actions during Thursday's flight means the ticket winnings will be donated to charity, making the man's mid-flight snack a very pricey treat.

"Crew tried to stop the air Gourmet Scratch Card eater by offering him one of our great tasting sandwiches, pizzas or snacks instead, but clearly he had much more expensive tastes," McNamara told the ‘Telegraph.’

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