Friday, February 5, 2010

Ice Bike 12—Coach Bill's Preview

As per Coach Bill, Sunday's 12th annual Ice Bike race is going to be fast. Here's what he reported after his noon hour recon ride (sorry to share your recon intel, Bill):

This course has just been ploughed, and it is FAST! Cyclocross type fast. The snow might come Saturday night, but it will be re-ploughed Sunday morning if needed.

It follows the same path as last year, but there is no ice section, or drop to the bottom of the gully, or hike a bike to the Norwood Bridge staircase. It’s a straight blast from the starting line, over the train bridge, big ring under the Norwood Bridge, and up the other side. You head over to the rowing club, back under the bridge and behind the hospital. The plough did a beautiful job of the off-camber Tache river bank session; I cleaned it on the second lap with my single speed CCM winter commuter pig. Then it’s under the St. Boniface Bridge, and back across the river. There is so little snow left on the drop to the river, you can ride it cleanly. Blast south along the Red River bank (bladed almost down to the mud) and to the start finish line. Great fun!

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Full details, hop over to Woodcock's Ice Bike page. If you click on the map link you'll find additional info about start times, categories, and distances.

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