Sunday, January 3, 2010

RRR Group Ride and 2010 AGM

Two days into the new year and we've already had our first RRR club ride. Other "social" clubs can't boast being the first to do so in 2010 (RRR:1, FGBC:0). Despite windchill warnings on one of the coldest days of the year, Mike, Brad, Michelle, and I set out on a nearly two-hour epic ride to remember.

Later at Finn McCue's we were joined by Duece and Lars for discussion of agenda items including t-shirts, jerseys and other pieces of team clothing, a spring classic throwdown, the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge, and the group's interest in putting on a cyclocross race in the fall. Other topics, such as RRR lack of male pattern baldness (RRR:2, FGBC:0), elk hunting in Banff National Park, bike parts, Floyd's guilt as a doper (RRR:2, FGGB:-1), the FGD Challenge, semi-professional cycling in Europe, and pitching in to give Kevin B help with the Wednesday Night Race Series.

2009 was a great season for the resurrected RRR bike club. We're all eager to build on our club's successes, as a group and as individuals, in 2010.

Brad, Michelle, and Mike (in the background) attempt a figure-8 race

Mike contemplating how to best Don S at the first ITT of 2010

Checking out the new river trail

It's bidness time

Real men drink Guinness

Even though we love 'em , "the help" had a thing to say to our rivals after learning of the FGD Challenge


  1. That was cold. Thankfully the nachos and beer were as 'epic' as the riding. Wait, isn't there a guy named Paul in this club? Artur? Kyle? Lorno? Dennis? You guys were missed.

  2. True, that. If Duece could make it from all the way out in Saudi, the others have no excuses. Gilles, too.

  3. Dang. I knew I'd miss someone if I started listing. Blame in on the sleepless night after Gluttony Cross. Sorry Gilles.

  4. Sorry but I was watching Minor Peewee hockey and coaching Minor Atom hockey. I can empathize though, River Heights Arena was as cold as outside with water bottles freezing on the bench, and there were no epic snacks or beverages.