Friday, January 29, 2010

Final Answer? Yep. Final Answer

Dennis, our Toronto-based part-time RRR member, was recently in Florida on business where he was spotted by none other than Mr. Regis Philbin. At Regis' request, they had dinner together—apparently Regis wanted to know "if all Canadians are the same". During the course of the meal, however, it became clear that Regis simply wanted to join the ranks of RRR.

Sorry, Regis. While you're no doubt high in fibre, it takes someone special to bear the RRR crest. Besides, with all the time you spend with with Ripa, you'd rarely make it out to any of our club rides.


  1. Hey, if we started a geriatric chapter for RRR to include Regis, maybe Brad would feel less "out of touch" when riding with all those youngsters in the ranks of RRR (that he typically spanks in the races - thought I should pre-empt Brad's retort/challenge).

  2. I agree.

    We need to recruit some more old guys who are faster than you Larry. I vote we amalgamate with Birch. Bill and Paul would be a fantastic addition to our ranks. We could be the Red Birch River Racing Club.

    And is it just me, or is the font size getting smaller on these posts?