Friday, January 22, 2010

"Daddy's A Cookie Monster"

Off-season training is hard. If I could drop a few of my several extra pounds and elevate my anaerobic threshold, I'd be really happy. I try to keep pace with guys like this by putting my time on the trainer, but then my efforts to be good are undone in mere seconds.

It all starts on days like today, for example, when the kids are home for an in-service. I know I'm in trouble the second I walk in the door after a long day at work, sitting on my ass, doing nothing but staring at a computer monitor. Mmmm...the smell of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies hits me like a sledgehammer on a pumpkin. Game over. Will-power is only something I've ever read about.

I love my wife and kids, I really do. After half a dozen cookies, I don't like them much for the guilt I feel. Of course, I know I have no one to blame, but me. I think need help.


  1. Hmmm cookieeess!!!

    "Freshly backed chocolate chip cookies" ... you'd have to be a robot not to endulge! Make the trainer and the river trails your rehad after doing the RIGHT thing ... enjoy the cookies man!

    Then, sign up for this ride:

  2. "The route is mostly flat" - sounds perfect for a guy laden with a belly of cookies.

  3. The guy in the link is a wing-nut.

  4. We were all thinking it...

    Being able to admit you're a wing-nut is the first step of recovery.